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You go out to get in your vehicle, and as you do you notice a fluid coming from it, or a spot of fluid that had not been there before. What is it? Where did it come from? Is it going to damage my car because it is leaking out? These questions probably do cross your mind, and quite reasonably should cross your mind. It is important that all of the proper fluids are in the vehicle, and at the proper levels. Below are some simple ways to know what it is that could be coming from your vehicle.

  • If the fluid is thin and green, yellow, or pink in color and has a sweet smell, it is probably a coolant leak.
  • If the fluid has a red hue to it, it is probably transmission oil.
  • If the fluid is brown in color, it is probably engine oil, or power steering fluid.
  • If the fluid is black, it is probably an axle leak.
  • If the fluid is clear and watery near the front of the vehicle, it probably is condensation (water) coming from the air conditioning system, and nothing to be concerned about.

If you find any leaks of this sort, take your vehicle to your mechanic for a more thorough inspection, and repair.

Courtesy: Rick Longobart, City of Inglewood, CA. Fleet Management Website

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